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Delores's Soul Food Catering Cuisine


Delores’s Catering and Soul Food Cuisine is located in the south suburbs of Chicago. Chef Delores began  cooking at the tender age of 9 in her mothers kitchen. She would assist her mother with all of the holiday dinners as well as assist her mom with cooking for their pastor and many of his friends. 


Delores’s mom was known to many as a great cook and one who could cook the best collard greens and chitterlings on this side of heaven. It was then where Chef Delores took an interest in cooking. She has never been to culinary school but is a self taught chef that is getting recognition by many. 


Her dishes rank up there with chefs that has gone to culinary school and her business has grown just by word of mouth and her line of seasonings called ‘Delo’s Seasonings. She is the chef that believes in giving the people what they want. Whether it’s soul food, Italian, seafood, African or just a plain ole salad. She is a chef that you should know.

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